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OpenSim hosting from the industry leading provider in virtual world hosting. Affordable rates, premium support and many exclusive features all in one!

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Top Tier Technology

Custom Built

We have built almost all of our tools from scratch and we even give some of it back to the community.


We have built our system from the ground up, everything is automated from deployment to management.

Transparent Updates

From changes to interruptions to our service we let you know what really happened.

Made with Love

We are not here just to make money, we put our love into every part of our code and customer support.

Premium Service

Value for money is not just a marketing term to us, it is a mantra when it comes to the services we offer.

Tailored to you

Everyone is different, one-size is not our style, we make sure the shoe fits properly.


The world is dangerous enough as is, security creates comfort and comfort makes for a happy life.

Proven Quality

Over a decade of reliable service with unmatched sustained top quality performance.


Humble Beginnings

Starting as a small estate on an established grid Zetamex began offering parcels to people in need for a home. After a while nearly 100 people occupied land across multiple estates. It was clear there was a demand for professionally hosted land in OpenSim. One thing lead to another and the first iteration of Zetamex began operation in 2012.

Rapid Growth

Very quickly the demand nearly overwhelmed the then operators to a point it was clear new technology and more man-power was needed. The company grew and focussed on improving the core business further. Developing custom software and interfaces. This manifested Zetamex as the industry leader.

Industry Leader

In late 2015 the company evolved into Zetamex Network, offering not only OpenSim services, but all the managed IT needed to guarantee success for us and our customers. Nowadays the offerings range from OpenSim, over webhosting, communications, to streaming servers. All under one roof, integrated and professionally run.

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Who are Zetamex?

Vincent Sylvester
Zetamex Network, CEO
Vincent Sylvester (Tampa)
Vinzenz Feenstra
Zetamex Network, Infrastructure
Vinzenz Feenstra (evilissimo)
Paul Harriman
Zetamex Network, Public Relations
Paul Harriman (Edison Rex)


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