PHP Asset Server


By default OpenSimulator puts all relevant data inside of database structures, including all the actual objects, textures, scripts etc.
This can quickly overwhelm any database as they are not designed to handle large blobs of data.
A more suitable approach to handling large volumes of indexed data is using the database as a simple reference rather than a storage device.
This is where file-based assets come in and specifically our PHP-based asset server.
With some of the lowest latency and capability to handle millions of files it offers a fast and scalable platform for securing a grids performance.


Available Locations

Europe | North America | Asia

Features, Options, Pricing


Flexible hardware for easy upgrades as needed


Fast storage, plenty of memory and powerful processors


Pricing according to budget and needs


Full backup plans available

PHP Asset Servers are combined systems consisting of a storage component and compute component that can scale individually according to needs and expected/observed system load

Prices starting at 45.00€/month
incl. VAT where applicable
excl. transaction fees

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